Coop, Lancing

Store refresh



A full downsizing refit
Coop appointed us to assist with an exciting project to upgrade their popular Lancing store. The purpose of the work was not only to give the store a welcome refresh, but also to reorganise the interior layout so that a segment of the store could be returned to the landlord. We began the process with an extensive collaborative planning session to look at the layout changes, once this was complete, we were then instructed to go ahead with a full rejuvenation of the remaining space. This included the ceiling, flooring, graphics, refrigeration, shelving, tills and kiosk (including a bank of assisted tills).


Offsite solutions with collaborative planning
This Coop store is an important and much-used outlet within the local community, so it was fundamental that store downtime was limited to just two weeks. To achieve this, we employed a few different agile approaches which not only hit their downtime requirements, but which also saw us complete the project from start to finish in just four and a half weeks.

Once the external works to the store were finalised, we used our offsite solutions approach to bring in key elements of the new interior structure. This included aspects such as the modular main sales floor wall and key components which included a modern bakery, office and training rooms. The column cladding was efficiently completed in just one weekend, benefitting from the offsite manufacture.

We also used our offsite solution approach to bring in a new refrigeration surround, eye-catching flower stand and surround for a promo chiller.

In addition to our offsite solution, we also implemented our collaborative planning process and ran three collaborative meetings in the office, as well as a pre start and pre site meeting. All of these techniques used by our team helped to ensure the project ran smoothly and efficiently.


Offsite solution success
Coop Lancing were delighted to achieve both the reimagining and rejuvenation within just 4.5 weeks. The project was a great success, with the store downtime kept to only two weeks.