CDS a Small Giant choosing to be Great not Big!

International Woems Day 2022

With the construction industry renowned for poor customer service and poor reliability, CDS group is a national construction company with a big difference!

We believe in transparency, honesty, collaboration and constant innovation, underpinned by reliability and a drive to deliver on our promises, which we believe is changing the landscape of the industry. We are proud to chase success and reputation not turnover.

Covid-19 forced businesses to change their approach to survive. Here at CDS we thrived on the challenge, quickly looking at what we offer and how we could do things differently, to not only survive but deliver growth. With onsite visits becoming harder due to social distancing we looked at how we could take trades and man hours away from site.  What could we manufacture in our Southampton Innovation hub? How could we reduce time and trades on site?…..from these questions and challenging the industry norms we developed Cheetah!

Cheetah is a fast, effective off-site prefabricated construction solution, which we are proud to using onsite with various large blue-chip clients. Through this innovative approach, we not only made our sites safer but we reduced programmes by 50% without compromising on quality, and delivered growth during a global pandemic!

Lee Walker, CEO “Since joining CDS as CEO, we have worked hard to transform the dynamics and vision of the business to create a company with a clear, vision, mission and set of values that ensures we deliver on our promises. We approach construction in a unique way by focusing on collaborative planning and lean construction techniques which saves our customers real time and money. This approach reduces programmes and on-site construction whilst improving quality, safety and sustainability.

This clear vision, powerful forward strategy and strong leadership, as well as being a process driven business, has seen our turnover thrive during the pandemic, increasing from £32.7m in 2019 to £72m in 2021, with a 38% increase in profitability.

More importantly for CDS, we have taken pride in ensuring we promote our most important value; FUN! The challenges we all faced during the COVID-19 pandemic were hard, and isolation scary for many. Caring for our staff’s wellbeing during this time was so important. We offered mental health platforms and on-going support, as well as promoting online team catch-ups to keep staff talking. We are proud to have kept our staff’s jobs secure during this challenging time, as well as being able to offer new job opportunities throughout the UK”.

CDS is facing the economic challenges of 2022 head on, with a great forward order work, incredible staff, effective processes and management systems in place and most importantly a clear vision, mission and set of values. These fundamental elements are proof that the foundations of a business are key to its success.