Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The safety and wellbeing of our people, and the communities in which they work, is our number one priority.


We choose to look at health, safety and wellbeing slightly differently, through continuous learning, clear communications and remaining flexible to the challenges that arise. Our approach is to listen, learn and continuously improve what we do, this positive attitude drives a safety culture from within.


We are incredibly proud of our impeccable health and safety record, however sometimes things do go wrong. We thrive from this, we react positively to these findings, understanding why it happened without placing blame, and then learning from it to improve.




Key Industry Challenges

Every Mind Matters

We take mental health and wellbeing very seriously and ensure that adequate resources are available for not only our directly employed staff, but also for our supply chain partners.


We raise awareness in a number of ways, we engage annually with mental health awareness week, send regular communications, and use our mental health employee assistance programme, Mates in Mind. We also have dedicated and trained mental health first aiders all of whom adopt an open door policy.

Mates in Mind

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